Find Trailer Parts and Accessories in Sydney

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Silverwood Trailers’ extensive range of spare parts and accessories ensures your trailer will remain in perfect working order. Whether you have a box trailer, a horse float or something else, we’ll have the trailer parts and accessories at our northern beaches Sydney location to meet your needs. From lights and axles to jockey wheels and gas bottle holders, you’ll find all the accessories and parts you need to get the most from your trailer.

Browse our range of trailer parts and accessories below and get in touch with Silverwood Trailers today!

Fish Plates - Standard 45mm - Galvanised
Shackle Bolts - 0.5 inch
Shackle Leaf - Front Hanger - Deep
Shackle Leaf - Front Hanger - Standard
Shackle Leaf - Rear Hanger
Shackle Leaf - Shackle Bolt - Greasable and Non Greasable
Shackle Leaf - Shackle Plates - Deep
Shackle Leaf - Shackle Plates - Standard
Slipper Leaf - Front Hanger
Slipper Leaf - Hanger Kit
Slipper Leaf - Rear Hanger
Slipper Leaf - Shackle Bolt
Spring Bushes - Avaliable in 0.5 inch and 9-16 inch and 5-8 ...
Tandem Setup - Rocker Arms - Type A
Tandem Setup - Rocker Arms - Type B
Tandem Setup - Rocker Hanger
Tandem Setup - Shackle Bolt - 5-8 inches - Greasable and Non...